All weddings are beautiful — we just make sure that they are remembered that way. With this is mind, it is our objective to document each and every wedding as truthfully and as intimately as possible. We let each moment unfold naturally while trying to be unobstrusive. We observe and then visually tell you the most beautiful story you will ever see — yours. We are PVBLIC FIGVRE.

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At the helm of PVBLIC FIGVRE is Pampanga’s premier wedding photographer, Paolo Feliciano. His background as an architectural and interiors photographer gives him a unique perspective, allowing him to capture beauty and elegance in weddings. He recently started a youtube channel to share his experiences to and give a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on during his shoots. He also has a microvlog called Mornings With Pao, where he shares what he as for breakfast daily.

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